Introducing the paragon strap system

A customizable and modular organization system for tools, devices, and people of all kinds.

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A Great Fit For Every Kit!

Paragon Straps are an innovative, new approach to organizing and transporting your tool kit. Made from simple and durable components, these patent-pending strap modules quickly and easily conform to gear of any shape or size and can be positioned in any orientation. The straps are completely adjustable and re-arrangeable, keeping anything and everything you use securely in place with industrial strength hook-and-loop compatible materials. Paragon Straps will change the way you carry your gear forever.

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All standard backers will recieve the set you see here. This includes the Field Case and a full set of Paragon Straps. The rugged 3-liter design features industrial-strength hook and loop material throughout and plenty of tactical webbing for custom integrations.Be a part of the first generation of users by making a pledge today! Act now and get up to 40% off the retail price!

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