The Paragon Strap System


The Paragon Strap is not designed for any one type of tool – it is engineered to be a single storage and organizational solution for all shapes and sizes of gear.


Paragon Gear uses the highest quality, industrial-strength hook and loop fabric to provide maximum hold strength and keeps your gear secure and in place.


Due to its hook and loop-compatible elastic banding, users can stack multiple modules together to save space and consolidate like components.


Paragon Gear is cross-compatible with the ubiquitous MOLLE strap ladder, letting users augment their standard issue gear and consolidate field kits.

Adjustable length

0-8.5 Inches*

Every strap module is completely adjustable along its entire length while providing maximum hold. The strap dividers allow a perfect fit for any tool or device. Users can easily create segments of strap and adjust the length and tension as needed.

*Using the X-Large Strap Module

Industrial Strength

15 LBs of Shear Force

The industrial-grade hook and loop materials are rated at 9.9 lbs per square inch. Each strap module is capable of securely holding gear with more than 15 lbs of shear force. The heavy-duty fabrication keeps your gear protected in any field conditions – but soft enough for even the most delicate devices.

Limitless arrangement

360° Orientation

With no fixed connection points to restrict the placement of Paragon Strap modules, even the most awkward items are securely stowed. Components can be placed in any position or orientation needed to suite every piece of equipment in your kit.

Strap Specifications

Paragon Straps are available in four sizes, each one completely adjustable in number and length of segments using the included divider loops.


This is the Paragon Strap System, an innovative, new approach to organizing and transporting your tool kit. Made from simple and durable components, these patent-pending strap modules quickly and easily conform to gear of any shape or size and can be positioned in any orientation. The straps are completely adjustable and re-arrangeable, keeping anything and everything you use securely in place with industrial strength hook-and-loop compatible materials.

Using the included divider loops, users can customize the number and size of segments to provide the perfect fit for any tool or device. Straps are currently available in 4 different sizes, accommodating items from less than 1/4 inch all the way to 8.5 inches.


Small Strap Length 2.25 in
Medium Strap Length 4.5 in
Large Strap Length 6.75 in
Extra Large Strap Length 9 in
Module Height 0.25 in
Module Width 1.25 in


Hook and Loop-Compatible Elastic Banding
Industrial Strength Hook-Side Backing
Woven Nylon Upper and Trim